Tesla owners are among the most satisfied drivers on the planet. That's why Tesla is committed to doing all that it can to serve its customers wherever they are.

See why these Tesla owners in Virginia feel so strongly about the company, and why they hope Virginia officials recognize it's in the public's interest for the company to open a showroom and service center in the Richmond area.

Tesla Richmond Store Ribbon Cutting
Charlottesville Supercharger Opening
The Tesla Car-Buying Experience
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Why Buy A Tesla?
Why Should Tesla Have A Store in Richmond?

Lobby Day 2017

Dozens of Tesla owners converged on Virginia’s Capitol grounds in February to meet with legislators and discuss the company’s history – and its future – in the commonwealth. Photos from the day’s events are posted in this gallery.

Erin and Max Testimonial

" Tesla offers the best car-buying experience we’ve ever had, hands-down. It also offers the best car we’ve ever had. There’s no better way for our family to travel to the ballpark or training camp."

- Max and Erica Scherzer, owners since 2015

Randy Testimonial

"When we’re driving our Model S, my daughters recognize it’s good for the environment. I’m proud of that – and that I didn’t have to sacrifice superior technology and performance in order to be green."

- Randy Seibert, owner since 2014

Hugh Testimonial

"I love this car and this company. We need to do everything we can to open another store in Richmond!"

- Hugh Joyce, Tesla owner since 2012

John Testimonial

"Tesla doesn’t just make great cars. The company thinks bigger. I recently drove my Model S from Virginia to Oregon and back, and thanks to Tesla's Supercharger network, I didn’t have to pay a cent for fuel."

- John Boyer, owner since 2016